In Western culture dessert is a course that typically comes at the end of a meal, usually consisting of sweet food. The word comes from the Old French word desservir, "to clear the table" and "to serve." Common desserts include cakes, cookies, pastries, ice cream, and candies. Our desserts are anything but common.

Desserts can be plated or bite size or you could have a party with only desserts.

The bottom line, dessert are something you enjoy, to treat yourself after a good meal. An indulgence that makes life a little sweeter and a lot more enjoyable.

Some of our plated desserts are:

  • Coffee Soda with Dolce de Leche Ice Cream
  • Pear Upside Down Polenta Cake w/Pomegranate Cream
  • Cardamom Baked Apple w/Lavender-Honey Vanilla Broth

Some of our bite size desserts are:

  • Keylime Tarts
  • Krispy Crème Cupcakes
  • Bourbon Laced Chocolate Cream Filled Figs Covered in Rich Chocolate
  • Cannoli Cones w/Pistachio, Raison and Lemon Zest
Decadent and Delicious Desserts

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Pictured are some of our FABULOUS desserts:

  • Crème Brûlée on A Tuile 
  • S ‘mores Cupcakes
  • Pavlova
  • Lemon Meringue Pies
  • Lemon Sorbetto
  • Custard Fruit Tarts
  • Assorted Housemade Truffles  

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